Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wood Stain is the New Bad Weed

Last weekend, the Teddy-ette and I had the piercingly bright idea to finally get around to staining the various unfinished bookshelves that have been littered around the apartment for the past few months. The result, unsurprisingly, was that we accidently managed to turn the entire apartment into a giant huff-bag. The effect was roughly similar to walking though a bonfire in a field in Rantoul, IL. On an up note, however, the fumes reduced the cat to tentatively staggering in slow circles, as though she were trying to walk down the banister of a spiral staircase.

Thus, the weekend was passed in rapt contemplation of “Anchorman” and various MTV reality shows. I can’t believe that they’re attempting to have a Real World/Road Rules Challenge without the Miz, or Crazy Hick Theo (who I greatly enjoy, as I’ve always envied the general miens and worldviews of those who were subjected to a series of shovel-blows to the head as children). Among those who did show up is former token Masshole hothead David, who appears to have mellowed into a comfortable insurance-adjusting reality-show dotage. Good for him--more of these freaks need to embrace the stoicism and encroaching puffiness of life away from the cameras.


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