Friday, January 20, 2006

Star of the Day, Who Will It Be?

Teddy again. Given the pretty obvious Mass-centric leanings of this blog, I thought I'd throw a question out there:

Dave Maynard: Dead or Alive?

For those under 25 or so, Dave Maynard was the morning drive-time DJ for WBZ back before they went all-news. He also hosted a terrible, terrible, proto-American Idol show called Community Auditions, a "talent" competiton in which adorable singing moppets would compete against tap-dancing housewives from Swampscott. To put things in perspective, the biggest "star" to come out of the show was Scott Grimes, best known for his work as Scott Wolf's best friend/even more effeminate foil on Party of Five .

At any rate, Dave had some health issues, specifically with his eyesight, and has sort of dropped off the map a bit--though it's unclear whether he's slipped six feet under the map just yet. But I've had a soft spot for the guy ever since my Mom and I won a contest on his show by writing a poem about the Swedish Chef from the Muppets (this is true). Plus, I have a Dead Pool entry due soon.

So let's send a virtual search party out for the old codger. First one in with a correct answer gets a cement mixer full of love, and some cement.


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